Dr. Rao Raza Hashim (Director Postgraduate Institute of Law)

Welcome to the Post Graduate Institute of Law and my profound gratitude for your interest in our law school. At PIL, we are deeply committed to providing a range of courses that allow students to pursue their area of interest. There are several opportunities to pursue courses in the field of Business law, Environment law, International human rights and many more.

At this moment we are offering LL.M., and MS in Commercial Law. The purpose of LL.M. is to provide law graduates with knowledge and skills that are most beneficial for lawyers who are working for corporations and law firms involved with commercial transactions. The aim of MS in Commercial Law is to prepare business managers, bankers, entrepreneurs, etc., with knowledge and skills that are most constructive for comprehending the legal aspects and complexities of different commercial transactions. Furthermore, the MS provides tremendous competitive edge for people who do not possess a background in law. The corporations and other enterprises are certainly to value employees with extensive knowledge in law over staff members with knowledge confined to their respective fields.

You will be taught by faculty members who are distinguished scholars and unparalleled in their respective
area of specialization. We eagerly look forward to providing you with a fulfilling and intellectually enriching
educational experience.

It is our mission at PIL to strive for excellence in educating professionals with an eye towards latest trends to ensure that our graduates are ready to take on emerging challenges in the field of law.