At PIL, we are dedicated to absolute top-tier education. And we are equally devoted to using our extensive intellectual capital to help resolve real-world problems and to create a more just society. One of our distinct features is to foster an environment where our students and faculty partner with people beyond the school: identifying challenges, forging alliances, solving problems, and sparking change.

Our highly distinguished faculty prepares our students for careers in a world of swift change, intricacy, and opportunity. At PIL, we meet this formidable challenge by offering a curriculum that offers a solid legal and ethical foundation, enriched by courses in emerging fields and practical experience.

PIL is a place where not only your intellect will be tested, but also as a place that will equip you with the training and the skills essential to hit the ground running as a lawyer. It is our sincere desire that having PIL on one’s diploma will be tantamount to proficiency in legal reasoning and argumentation. We train our students to think and reflect critically, carefully, and thoughtfully and we do that better than any other institution. We also give serious consideration to capacity building training--the activities that professionals engross in every day of their life such as drafting and negotiating agreements and oral advocacy. The education and training you will receive as a PIL Law student is unrivalled, and private and public employers alike will be eager to have you as part of their teams. Come visit us and let us show you why our students and faculty are so content and satisfied to be here and meet the people in our community.

Welcome to the Post Graduate Institute of Law and my profound gratitude for your interest in our law school. At PIL, we are deeply committed to providing a range of courses that allow students to pursue their area of interest. There are several opportunities to pursue courses in the field of Business law, Environment law, International human rights and many more.

It is our mission at PIL to strive for excellence in educating professionals with an eye towards latest trends to ensure that our graduates are ready to take on emerging challenges in the field of law.